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Durex Creates Vibrating 'Fundawear'

5 years ago372 views


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Durex creates vibrating 'fundawear'.

Innovation is possible in just about every facet of our world.

Recently, Durex unveiled a future product called “Fundawear”. Durex Australia released video footage of a couple testing the new form of underwear.

The product is described as the “future of foreplay" which allows "touch to be transferred over the internet." The skimpy garments utilize the same technology that makes a cell phone vibrate.

Actuators are wired into the underwear pieces which are prompted by a smartphone application. The project is aimed towards couples in long distance relationships, adding physical pleasure to their affair.

The technical director of “Fundawear” states “After the laughter had stopped, we knew it was going to be an awesome project. People will want this.”

Last year, another remote project , the Like-A-Hug vest was described as 'wearable social media'. The vest inflates, simulating a squeezing or hugging sensation, when Facebook followers "Like" the wearer's posts or pictures.

According to the designers, the idea behind the wearable technology is to "allow us to feel the warmth, encouragement, support, or love that we feel when we receive hugs."