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    Haunted Hinsdale House - Dark Forest

    Billy Connelly

    by Billy Connelly

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    In Hinsdale, New York, Clara Dandy and her husband, Phil, find a beautiful old house surrounded by acres of forest - just the thing for escaping the hectic life of the city. They love it, and so do their teenage children - 13-year-old Tina and 14-year-old Mike. The one disturbing thing about it is the crawlspace. There's something creepy about it. And why does it have a fireplace? Clara's brother is the first person to make an eerie discovery: dead bees all over the house. Later, Mike and his friends encounter the gun-toting ghost of a teenage boy in the forest. Tina sees the ghost of a girl with stringy hair in her room. Clara hears Gregorian chants that come from nowhere. Soon, the family calls in a priest, who in turn enlists the help of a psychic. The latter discovers the terrible secret of the crawlspace.