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    Pixar Cars a favourite of mater tall Tales, its Hawk


    by ianmacdon

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    Please subscribe to our videos, this is Hawk mater from Mater Tall Tales., most of the tall tales are the same. Mater finds himself in an inescapable predicament. When Lightning questions Mater over whether the events in the story actually occurred (or, in some episodes, asks him what he did next), Mater always claimed that Lightning was also involved, often saying, "Don't you remember? You was there, too!" (or some other variation), and continues the story including McQueen's sudden (and usually unwilling) participation. The cartoons end with Mater leaving the scene, often followed by characters or references to the story that was being told, suggesting the story might be real. Each story includes Mater, Lightning McQueen, Mia and Tia (the two red cars that adore Mater) and various pit crew forklifts. Each episode's opening sequence has Mater popping out of his garage and declaring to the audience, If I'm lyin', I'm cryin'! (or some variation thereof on the DVD release; the DVD release has unique intros for each short except "Mater the Greater" should the "play all" option be selected)