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    The Dirty Dash - Worlds Muddiest Race - 2011

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    Check out the Dirty Dash!

    Music was done by Kyle Andrews. You can download the song from this video in the link right below.

    As far as The Dirty Dash goes. They put on 5K and 10K races in several different places across the United States. Wherever they go, they completly change the landscape to ultra muddy, making the most interesting and diverse course I personally have ever seen :) In this video, we filmed the one that took place in Soldier Hallow Utah on June 4th, 2011. The race was COMPLETELY sold out. The coarse itself, as you can see in the video, is full of tons of obstacle coarses ranging from mud pits, water slides, tires, logs, hay bales, wood structures, to just plain mud everywhere.
    Once again, you can find out all about these mud races in the link below.

    As far as the technical details go...

    I had a bunch of my friends help make this video happen from around Utah, several of them have there own film production compaines as well ranging from wedding videos to big production companies, I have there respective websites next to there names of those who helped make this video happen.

    Edited by:
    Devin Graham
    Jordan Rasmussen

    Travis Babcock -
    Damian Dayton -
    Chris McClain -
    Tyson Maughan
    Jordan Rasmussen -
    Travis Moore
    David Jacobsen
    Kristen Hillier
    Aaron Carson
    Casey Wilson
    Loke Yuzon
    Sean Wright
    Devin Graham

    Film by:
    Devin Graham

    The entire film was shot on these cameras:
    Canon 5D Mark II
    Canon 7D
    Canon T2i
    GoPro HD

    For the shots where the camera gets covered in mud, we used an SPL Water Housing specifically made for the Canon 5D Mark II, that way it could get wet and still survive.

    For other camera technical related questions, feel free to check out my blog where I answer a lot of common youtube video technical questions :)

    I also got full written permission from the artist, Kyle Andrews, to use his song in the video. I've worked with Kyle on several music videos in the past, and in fact he was one of my favorite musicians to work with.

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