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    Panama Wakeboarding - 2013

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    This video will give you a glimpse on how beautiful is the country of Panama, viewed through the eyes of an adventurous group of friends who enjoy extreme sports. The dense tropical forest and the incredible abundant beauty of the country's flora serve as the background canvas for this wakeboarding trip through the waters of the Gamboa lake and Chagres river in the Panama Canal.

    Director: Carlos M. Navarro
    Producers: Andres Piñeiro, Carlos M. Navarro
    Cinematography: Joey Loreto, Carlos M. Navarro
    Editor: Carlos M. Navarro
    Wakeboarders: Carlos Cabal, Jose Fernandez, Ximena Boza, Andres Piñeiro
    Production Assistance: Ida Halman, JT Taylor, Jose Fernandez
    Special Thanks: Panama Water Sports Complex

    Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am
    Trails and Ways - MTN Tune
    Benny Benassi (Feat. Gary Go) Cinema

    June 2012

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