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    Linus Tech Tips Live Show Archive - April 19, 2013


    by LinusTechTips

    6:43 Samsung S4
    14:53 Func Mouse Video
    17:55 Moving the live stream time slot
    23:45 Judge Voet holds himself in contempt
    25:54 Pax Prime tickets sell out fast
    32:08 Next Gen xbox requires $150 adder to play old games
    46:36 G710+ comes with black O-rings under the key caps
    47:35 Sony launches 2Gbit/s internet in Japan
    56:12 Foxcon settles with Microsoft over android licencing fees
    1:00:28 7990 Malta on Ebay, insane price tag
    1:12:04 Nvidia 700 series GPU's rumors
    1:15:13 Build logs of the week
    1:21:28 allegedly disabled gamer turns out to be 100% fine, community enraged

    Link to the after party: