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    Coaching Millions: How I Grew My Following (Milana Leshinsky)

    3 strategies can accelerate your success as a Coach

    1. Creating Content (Articles & Products)

    Articles must be highly relevant to who you are targeting and specific to your topic of expertise (one key theme) e.g. how to set your life coaching fee

    Be aware of the keywords you use in your headline

    Your resource box is vital – people must take action on it and join your list

    Timely – solve a problem here and NOW

    Format – Hook them in with your opening two lines

    Break your paragraphs up. Some people read by bullet points alone.

    Plus there is a higher perceived value to your content as it’s better organised.

    Highlight key shifts, key mistakes, action steps etc

    Finish by summarising your big idea at the end, as to why they need to take action now (this leads them into your resource box).

    300-400 words work best (short) because people quickly scan the entire article

    You are allowed two links in your resource box. Use both: Make one a hypertext link (3 keywords) and the other a normal link (but both can be the same link) NB You can’t include links inside the body of the article!

    To work (drive traffic) you need a lot of articles and to be consistent. Plus submit about 20 in one go! To do this, repurpose everything you do. Same content – just used in many different ways.

    Target specific high traffic websites where your target audience hang out on.

    Post first on your blog. Claim the article as your own through Google and then submit to the article directories (best done manually) or use software:

    Choose Ezine Articles – Go Articles – Articlebase etc (with high PR)

    Also post on social media – Facebook, Twitter + LinkedIn

    Try to vary your articles a little (don’t “spam” the same article everywhere)

    When you publish the same article on a blog, the RSS feed means your article can go out in multiple places (automatically) and get picked up by the search engines (driving multiple backlinks and traffic back to you).

    When people Google you, you come up in more places. Visibility = Credibility

    Plus you can publish in multi-media on your blog: Video, Audio, Pictures etc which can add to your “brand”

    And you get comments – you get a dialogue going (cultivate a following).

    2. Create Products (Be Seen As Credible)

    A product full of valuable information about a specific topic will position you as an expert in that field.

    Always be ready to document any moments that can be used to position yourself as credible.

    All products focus on a very specific goal which all tie back to all the other products.

    Multiple formats (physical range too)

    Products allow you to come from a position of strength when building JVs with targeted list owners e.g. (EVENTS) Coaching Super Summit

    3. Authority by Association (Networking)

    Connecting and associating with other successful people helps create credibility.

    Social media helps – it’s another channel for visibility and getting to like and know the real person.

    Assessments + Checklists as Lead Generators

    Assessments engage people; they start to consume your content; they gain an immediate win; they optin for the results and are primed to go to the next step.

    You can create your own tests and mini-assessments using Milana’s

    They are fun and are about their favourite subject – themselves!

    Virtual events build lists too through JV partners and existing affiliates.

    Raises your profile and are buzzworthy (they get talked about) plus people can put a face or voice to you. Even if people don’t attend, you can still follow-up with them later.

    People love events because they are always seeking new information.

    Find out what drives your clients and then be very specific as to how you can help them (outcome-based).

    Create a product or program that is a solution to your client’s biggest problem that they are willing to invest in solving. Bingo! If you are struggling to convince people to signup with you, you are either not solving a big enough problem or it’s not something they are prepared to spend money on.

    You also need to be BOLD – will differentiate you from the pack!

    Many factors influence: Visibility, Credibility, Strategic Partners, Social Proof, Niching (in tune with your target audience) etc

    Try to combine and leverage them wherever possible.

    Creating content (articles & products) first and then building joint ventures with targeted networks or other list owners

    One hour a week marketing will put you ahead of 80% of the pack, especially if you learn to market correctly (test it – track it – tweak it)

    Milana Leshinsky’s 3 C’s to Getting More Coaching Clients

    Content – By creating content (articles, blog, infoproducts)

    Community – By speaking to targeted groups (live, teleclass, JVs)

    Collaboration – By referral (affiliates, friends, networking, links)