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    Real Life Hobbit Origins Traced

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Real life hobbit origins are traced.

    Scientists are closer to filling in the holes in family tree of the hobbit.

    Sorry, my precious, the name is just borrowed from Tolkein. The actual identifier for the real tiny beings undergoing research is homo floresiensis.

    Since the 2004 discovery of their bones the specimen has been the subject of heated debate.

    Some believe it’s a unique species while others contend the fossils are just those of a sickly and underdeveloped previously known breed.

    The devotees of the former theory have located a skull that adds weight to the belief that hobbits descended from the larger homo erectus and shrunk over time.

    Typical human evolution shows a pattern of growth in both the body and the brain.

    The hobbit exhibits evidence of a reverse process called island dwarfism which is attributed to the absence of predators. The lessened need to acquire and utilize survival skills is linked to the dramatic shrinkage.

    The size of skull in question provides a reasonable link between the hobbit and its full-sized ancestors.