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    Disney Bringing Interactive Gaming To Theaters


    by ClevverMovies

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    Are you one of those people who can't put down your iPad or tablet? Well Disney is trying to make it so that you dont have to. Introduced this week at Cinemacon was Disney's Second Screen Live program, which will allow and even encourage movie audiences to play interactive games, on their iPads, inside movie theaters. Say what?
    Yes, apparently this move is designed to incentivize younger audiences to start watching more movies in the theater, which is a demographic that has shown less and less interest over the past few years. Now it's still early in the testing of this initiative. And it seems like there will still be "theatrical only" showings, so for now Disney is just offering this as an option for those audiences who want a more innovative movie watching experience which will include playing games, allowing you to compete on teams with or against your friends. So which movies will have this option? Well, right now DIsney hasn't said for sure, but it is likely that the Disney classics will be the first to get the treatment...and check this out...Disney Exhibitor Relations VP Nancy Klueter even said quote "Marvel will probably fit in there at some time". So, thoughts on this? Do you think that younger audiences need a more interactive movie going experience? Make sure you talk about it in the comments section, and extend the convo over to twitter at ClevverMovies too. From Hollywood, Im Erin White, Thanks for watching.