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    2 112 views - Subscribe to ClevverMusic! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!Katycats listen up! New music from Katy Perry is on the way. You're tuned in to ClevverMusic with an exciting update from "Teenage Dream" singer Katy Perry. Katy was at the ASCAP I Create Music Expo yesterday and revealed details about new music. She confirmed she is back in the studio recording her third album, and described it as "schizophrenic". The good news? She's about half way done.
    No word yet on when we will be able to hear anything, Katy revealed during a panel at the expo she doesn't want to put a timeline on the music as not to pressure herself and turn it into a "race". Ms. Perry divulged who she's been working with on the album- Max Martin, Dr. Luke, singer Sia as well as Bonnie McKee. She said the hardest part of working with Sia, known recently for her song "Titanium" is that, "She makes me laugh more than any human... I can't do vocals because I fry my voice from laughing."

    Sounds like a good problem to have if you ask us. Katy didn't talk in detail about specific songs, but revealed one new track title, "Double Rainbow" written with Bonnie McKee. Katy said working with Bonnie, " like an emotional abuse session." But we're pretty sure she means that in a good way. Today Katy tweeted another hint about the album, "You know that 90's are back when you're voluntarily putting record scratches in your songs a la Portishead's Dummy."

    Tell us what you think this tweet means—will her album sound mostly 90's inspired? What do you think of that? Thanks so much for tuning into this update. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma with all your music news, see you tomorrow.