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    Grover Norquist: Fiscal Cliff Deal Left Obama Powerless



    Grover Norquist: Fiscal Cliff Deal Left Obama Powerless
    Commonwealth Club - SF Club Office
    Grover Norquist, founder and Preside of Americans for Tax Reform, discusses tax policy, the politics of sequestration, and the future of the Republican Party.Don't miss this chance to hear from anti-tax crusader, National Rifle Association board member and conservative leader Norquist, who as president of Americans for Tax Reform works to limit the size and cost of government, opposes higher taxes at the federal, state and local levels, and supports tax reform that moves toward taxing consumed income one time at one rate. Norquist organizes the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which asks all candidates for federal and state office to commit themselves in writing to the American people to oppose all tax increases. In the 113th Congress, 219 House members and 39 senators have taken the pledge. A lightning rod for controversy, Norquist has been instrumental in helping direct conservative politics during the 21st century. Come ask your tough questions.