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    Leo Vieira vs Mark Kerr


    przez z3nm0nkey

    15 087 odsłon

    5 komentarzy

    Cédric Cédric Latouche
    I don't remmeber Kerr loosing in ADCC before he got in awful shape and fight Arona
    Przez Cédric Cédric Latouche8 lat temu
    leo is the most technical lutador
    Przez oneyemonster9 lat temu
    Darlan Nepomuceno
    yes, Leo is more small than him, about 73 Kg and Kerr 113, big difference, But Leo is a really good fighter, I think he has won Kerr in 2005 , I'm not sure, but they has fought again and Leo Won ...
    Przez Darlan Nepomuceno9 lat temu
    wow its like me vs my 10 year old brother
    Przez wristlock9 lat temu
    Cédric Cédric Latouche
    KErr was one of the best but this vid is not relevant because his opponent is so small.
    Przez Cédric Cédric Latouche9 lat temu