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    Harrison Ford storms out of Jimmy Kimmel interview


    por Gil2012

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    Star Wars actor Harrison Ford stormed out an interview when CHEWBACCA turned up in the audience.

    He left chat show host Jimmy Kimmel to carry on Solo after he saw his co-pilot from the Millennium Falcon amongst the other guests.

    But it was all part of a hilarious tongue-in-cheek sketch, which Harrison was in on, for Jimmy's late night programme, broadcast on ABC.

    In the sketch, Jimmy said: "There's a Star Wars movie coming out, JJ Abrams is directing it. I would love to know what your plans are for this.

    With an apologetic tone, Harrison said: "I can't talk about it."

    Jimmy said: "People in the audience would like to ask you some questions. Would you be alright taking some questions from them?"

    Harrison agreed but added: "OK, but not Star Wars questions as I can't answer."

    But to his surprise Chewbacca, the famous Wookiee from the Star Wars franchise of films, stood up and started garbling in his own language.