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    Kitten Causes Tunnel Lane Shutdown

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A kitten causes tunnel lanes to shut down.

    A tiny kitty has an ability to cause an insane amount of trouble.

    Recently, two lanes in the Burnley Tunnel in Australia were shut down due to a mischievous cat. CityLink workers received a call about a small kitten that was in the tunnel during the early evening hours.

    The lanes were shut down, as workers tried to coax the hiding, scared male cat with roast beef and a cuddle. After all this activity, he was taken to a rescue center called Lost Dogs' Home.

    He has been named Dodge for the way he darted in and out of traffic.

    Last year, a then 6-month-old kitten survived a 55 minute cycle in a washing machine, which included two spin cycles. Apparently, the cat had climbed in the clothes filled washing machine while her owner was showering and went unnoticed when it was time to run the load.

    The terrified cat was rushed to the vet and stayed for several days before returning home.