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    Yang Guang's Tomb Discovered on Construction Site

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    Yang Guang's tomb is discovered on a construction site.

    Yang Guang is thought to be one of the worst tyrants in Chinese history.

    His tomb was recently discovered at a construction site in Yangzhou. Archeologists rushed to the scene and confirmed the tomb belonged to the former emperor.

    The director of the local archaeological bureau states “Grave robbers had visited the tomb. Also, the roof of the tomb is not in good condition because some residential buildings were built above it.” Although the tomb had been looted, several ancient royal family artifacts were found, including a jade belt decorated with gold along with gold and iron door knockers in the shape of a lion.

    According to historians, Guang’s rule ended the Sui Dynasty. During his reign, he completed several noteworthy construction projects including reconstructing the Great Wall and building the Grand Canal.

    Guang was very rough on citizens, imposing excessively high taxes on those who were barely surviving. He also initiated several wars, failing each time. Eventually uprisings increased as people couldn’t live under his rule. In 618, he was forced to hang himself.