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    Royal Caribbean's Newest Ship Features Crane-Like Moving Arm for Sea View

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Royal Caribbean's newest ship contains a crane-like moving arm to allow for sea views.

    Royal Caribbean is one of the world's largest brands in cruise travel.

    It recently unveiled its newest ship - the Quantum of the Seas. Among the many extraordinary features is the ride called the North Star, which will take travelers inside of a glass capsule that is attached to a rotating arm.

    That arm can rise approximately 300 feet above the sea, allowing cruise ship passenger’s unparalleled views of the ocean.

    The CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises states “Quantum of the Seas gave us an opportunity to innovate in yet a whole different way and bring to bear new design techniques, new technologies.”

    The ship will also house a sky diving simulator, which enables riders to float in the air.

    The ship’s inaugural sailing is scheduled for the fall of 2014 out of New Jersey.

    Last year, Yacht Island Design group based out of the UK released a Tropical Island Paradise yacht concept. Guest cabanas are laid out around the pool, while the owner’s suite is inside a volcano.

    A waterfall flows from the volcano into the swimming pool. Inside, there's a fully equipped spa, library, gym and cinema.