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    Rare Coin Worth Millions

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    A rare coin is worth millions.

    Experts confirmed what George Walton already knew – his 1913 Liberty head nickel was the real deal.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Walton was killed in a car crash in 1962, but his heirs never lost faith in his belief and have held onto the coin for 51 years.

    The nickel is going up for auction and is expected to bring in between 2 and 5 million dollars.

    The reward has been a long time coming as the nickel was previously declared a fake.

    He acquired the rare 1913 coin in the mid-1940sby trading around 4 thousand dollars worth of collectible gold coins.

    At that time the nickel was already legendary as there were believed to be only 5 in existence.

    Born of shaky provenance, the coin’s origins were discovered when a previous owner traced its creation back to the likely illicit activities of a mint employee.

    It wasn’t until 2003 that Walton’s nickel received acknowledgement of its validity and value when a Baltimore coin event offered a reward for its uncovering.

    Overall, rare coins are rapidly escalating in value. The upper echelon of them have increased their worth by up to 50 percent in the past year alone.