'Star Wars' Trilogy & Spinoffs Release Schedule Confirmed

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Star Wars Episode VII gets slatted for summer 2015 and Disney promises a new film every year after that. It seems like a big undertaking to us, but Disney appears to be up for the challenge. The studio announced at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week that they have plans on releasing a new Star Wars film every year, starting with the highly anticipated Episode VII which will be released sometime in the summer of 2015. Now, traditionally, the previous Star Wars films have all been released in May, which may be a timeframe Disney sticks to. However, that could be a bit tricky in 2015 because a May release would position them very close to The Avengers 2. We're assuming they aren't going to want to their two biggest franchises going head-to-head, so we're thinking a June or July release might be more realistic. That yearly promise will be an alternation between standalone films and "episode" films and that rotation will potentially take us through at least 2020, when the new trilogy wraps. The studio has not revealed anything about which characters are going to get their own stand alone film just yet, but there were some rumors that they would focus on Yoda, Boba Fett, and/or a young Han Solo. What we do know is original The Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan and Sherlock Holmes scribe Simon Kinberg have been tapped to pen the scripts. The first thought that came into mind when I heard this news was where in the world does JJ Abrams fit into all of this? ClevverMovies actually spoke with Star Wars producer, Kathleen Keennedy, at the Pioneer Awards at CinemaCon, and she told us that she is interested in having JJ direct the entire triology, but doesn't want to throw too much on his plate right now. As for the spinoffs, they several directors in mind, but aren't ready to name names just yet. Make sure you stay tuned right here to ClevverMovies for that full interview with Kathleen Kennedy coming soon. Ok guys, it's your turn. What are you thinking about a yearly Star Wars film? Is it exciting for you or could it be, dare I even say this, overkill? Make sure you let us know, and sub to our channel so we can give you more updates on Star Wars news. Im Erin White. Bye guys.