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    wicca Anas Systematic Clandestine Killing Of My Small Sons-Part 1


    by AntiCPSMom

    My sons are gradually being killed as part of a bloodthirsty vendetta which is
    being clandestinely waged by wicca Ana, exploiting the corruption and avarice
    of several corrupt CPS agencies.
    Since 2011 I have been stating that wicca Ana is intentionally giving my youngest son rotten food, and food that is intentionally prepared in an unhygienic manner, in order to gradually induce chronic illness in my look-a-like son (Galileo looks like me and Ana obsessively hates me) as a type of hard to detect and clandestine child abuse and murder attempt.
    I have been stating that he is being giving rotten food, way before his hospitalization and these tests stating that one of his kidneys is almost non-functional, functioning at less than 4%.
    I have noticed that since this situation with little Galileo's serious illness clearly manifesting itself, some evidence in the form of text posts written a long time ago have disappeared from under some of my videos, deleted by wicca Ana's thug cyber-crime hacker team to get rid of anything which might expose and damn them.
    Please read these entries to better understand (copy and paste):

    Rotten Food CAN cause kidney problems

    My little sons' February Hospitalization

    CPS Intentionally Delaying the Announcement of Test Results

    In the text under this video (URL), I stated on August 24th 2012 that wicca Ana was abusing my sons, and giving my youngest son rotten food (I hope that the Ana-friendly hackers have not erased that part of the text to protect Ana's behind).