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    YouTuber Challenge

    Kat Jack

    by Kat Jack

    I'm back, and with another Tumblr Challenge! Also, since I recorded this, I'm in a better headspace, so... yeah!

    Also, why some of the captions are cut off, I have no idea. When I edited it, and watched it after it'd rendered, it was all fine. Not that it matters too much. The links to everyone I mention can be found below.

    Challenge Questions:

    People Mentioned:
    1. ChaoticMonki
    2. PressHeartToContinue | DexterityBonus
    3. The Ship:
    4. Yogscast | FarFromSubtle
    5. JesseCox | YogscastSips
    6. YogscastSjin | WowCrendor | CynicalBrit
    7. Tobuscus
    8. SSoHPKC | TheCampingTree | CinnamonToastKen | InTheLittleWood | SeaNanners | AllShamNoWow | CaptainSparklez
    Chivalry with Cry & CTK:
    9. Apparently I missed that out completely! I'd love for my friends MadGodMachinations & AmehSweet to become as popular as I think they should be (No bias here, people!)
    I reckon MGM would work well with the likes of the Yogscast (though I'm sure Amy would too, what with her dwarven crush!) and maybe even someone like CTK or CaptainSparklez. Amy, I'd love to see work with the likes of Mike Falzone or Michael Reed. Their music would be awesome.
    10. I haven't met any YouTubers face-to-face as yet, so I left that question out too.
    13. Pixiwoo | AndreasChoice
    14. MichaelPhilipReed | ZoeyProasheck

    Music: Sidewinder - 7 Minutes Dead
    Happy Bee - Kevin MacLeod