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    THE FIXER Preview Scene: "Logan & X"

    RavensFilm Productions presents a special preview scene of THE FIXER, a dramatic noir feature film. It features ticket scalping friends Jack Logan and X. Franklin in a humorous scene before X. is drawn away by the shadowy appearance of Vic Simmons, "The Fixer."

    Nick Doetsch as "Vic Simmons"
    Ryan Salzwedel as "X. Franklin"
    Nicholas J. Michalak as "Jack Logan"
    Joshua Alan Doetsch as "Wayne Blackwood"

    Director of Photography
    Eric Woltman

    Written, Edited, Produced, & Directed by
    Nicholas J. Michalak

    Featuring "Fire in the Sky" by HEMI

    "Spacial Harvest" by Kevin MacLeod

    ©2013 RavensFilm Productions (SM)