Man Allegedly Trades McDonald's Meal for Sex

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

A man allegedly trades a McDonald's meal for prostitute sex.

Recently, a man from New Mexico was arrested for an illegal barter. 58-year-old Donald Jones allegedly traded a McDonald’s meal for sex.

Jones reportedly picked a woman up in an area known for prostitution. Police witnessed him purchasing food at the McDonald’s drive through. The pair then went to a nearby park. That’s where police confronted the couple and noticed the woman pulling her pants up as officers approached the vehicle.

The woman reportedly told police she offered to have sex with Jones in exchange for food. Officers also found prescription drugs in the car. Jones was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics.

Recently another man, 33-year-old Marvin Holmes II told officers that he was having troubles with his wife, so he went looking for sex elsewhere. Holmes found a prostitute, 41-year-old Rhonda Kelley.

He didn't have any money so the pair reportedly drove to a local shop where Holmes gave his wedding ring to Kelley as payment and she pawned it for $20. They were charged with solicitation of prostitution.