Some Hints of Dark Matter for the First Time

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Some hints of dark matter for the first time.

The search for dark matter continues.
Results from the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, an underground laboratory in Minnesota have shown three possible signs of dark matter, but the data is so far inconclusive.

Scientists have been trying to understand and measure dark matter in the universe since the 1930s.

Since it is invisible, its presence can only be measured by a gravitational effect.

It took about five years to recognize the possible dark matter events because the scientists were looking at the results from higher mass reading germanium detectors instead of the silicon detectors, which are capable of reading lower masses.

The silicon picked up on three events that may be evidence of a weakly interacting massive particle known as a WIMP, but scientists are hesitant to confirm the data because it might be statistical anomaly.

They are 99.81 percent sure that what they detected was a WIMP, but physicists need to have an even higher probability rate to confirm the existence of dark matter.

Estimates say that as much as 85 percent of the matter in the universe is dark matter.