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    4,500-Year-Old Harbor Discovered in Egypt

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    A 4,500-year-old harbor is discovered in Egypt.

    Archaeologists working in Egypt have unearthed the world’s oldest known harbor.

    It’s believed to date back 4500 years to the 4th Dynasty, the era marked by the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. The Pharaoh’s tomb is popularly known as The Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Overall, the find includes several docks, carved stone anchors, and numerous documents written on papyrus.

    The port itself was among the most important commercial centers of ancient Egypt, serving as the launching point for ships carrying copper and minerals.

    The writings offer information about the daily lives of the people living and working in the area. According to Egypt’s antiquities minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, they are the oldest papyri ever found in the country.

    Among them is documentation about the activities of an official involved in building the Great Pyramid.

    Even though significant discoveries like the Rosetta stone were found long ago, many recent ones have proven to be pretty spectacular. They include the origins of the alphabet and a necropolis of over one thousand mummies.