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    Kama Sutra Manual Photos Go 3D for Technology App

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    Kama Sutra manual photos are made into 3D for sex position application.

    The historic, controversial sex manual called the “Kama Sutra” is coming back in a big way.

    The 2,000-year-old guide has gotten a little sexier in a new application for smartphones and tablets.

    Couples will now be able to examine the signature sex positions pictured in 3D. Each picture can be viewed from all angles giving a makeshift tutorial on moves such as the Prone Tiger or the Catherine Wheel.

    One of the makers of the application claims that couples have been left confused as to how to apply the more complicated positions. The app aims to make it as easy as possible to understand and carry out the moves.

    It works with 69 poses and permits users to change the hair and skin color of the models.

    Historic sex manuals are still quite popular. Earlier this year, a printed copy of Aristotle's Compleat Master-Piece which originally dated back to the year 1680 was headed for the auction block.

    The then risqué book was banned in the United Kingdom during the middle of the 18th century, but the ban was lifted in the 1960s.