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    Before Ciada - "I the Blesse'd" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Before Ciada - "I the Blesse'd"

    Artist city, country: Sydney, Australia
    Genre: KrankTV

    Artist Biography: Born of pure molten insidious rock within the bowels of the largest volcano on the earth (the Mauna Loa) Before Ciada is as unstoppable as the magma that spat them forth. Formed 2 score and 20 days from the present by joining the unmistakable forces of heavy metal found within each artists never-ending chalice of talents, Troy chose the vocals, Gabriel a humble guitar, Mick a shredding lead, Nathaniel the earth shattering base and DeeJ the demon rumble of the drums.

    To date they have show-cased their pure metal power to a growing scene of progressive speed metal enthusiasts and are about to release the first in a lifetime of brutal thought choking and soul crunching albums, their Birth to Burial Ep which is due out early 2013. They are currently awaiting a falcon sent to fly them to Germany to partake in the RUDE festival which will allow their metal dominance to grow. This is Before Ciada.

    Director Name: Pablo Zubieta
    Producer Name: Pablo Zubieta

    Artist Website:

    Song Lyrics: Everyday in the dreamland in which you are living
    Set in the ways and the rules you are given
    Lost in the dreams and the lines I am dribbling
    Caught in the wars that your brothers are fighting

    In My Name...

    Damned by the fire in my eyes
    By the sins I despise
    By the ways I describe

    Fucked by the torture of my ways
    By the souls that I crave
    By the blood that I take

    Everyday and every night I feed myself I watch you fight
    To break the bonds and free your life from death disease and fire-fight
    You cut yourselves and ink your flesh in hope of life in fear of death
    I watch you die in fear you might free yourselves, regain your life

    Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Pride, En, Vy, Lust, Gluttony
    You the martyr, I the father, you the wicked, I the blessed

    Pray for your sake, Pray for forgiveness
    Pray for your cause, Pray for existence
    This faith, will not but, feed your hate
    This faith, is not a resistance, but my own deliverance

    Bound by the fears in your mind
    By the bodies I designed
    By the flaws of your kind

    I am the scorn in your mind
    The hate in your eyes
    The dark in the night

    You knew, that deaths a must
    You knew you'd turn to dust
    Life is given, Life is taken

    Fight, fight, and bring me souls
    Burn, burn, all false idols
    Die, die, from plague and disease
    Fear, fear, the wrath that I bring (that I bring)

    Pray for your sake, pray for forgiveness
    Pray for your cause, pray for existence

    This faith, will not but, see you fall
    This faith, will not but, feed my wars

    Your trust has led to this, your life is all that's left
    I will end it, I the blessed, I the blessed


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