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    Next Media Animation, Asia's largest full-service 3D animation, has officially launched the Japanese edition of TomoNews in Tokyo on April 16, 2013. TomoNews combines animation with live video to form a whole new way to tell stories and report on breaking events. What isn't captured on video is recreated with animation. Besides being available on the web, TomoNews animations can also be easily accessed on mobile devices with its free APP. With its sarcastic animated news reporting, original animations and games, Next Media Animation plans to write a new chapter of mobile entertainment. The US edition of TomoNews will be officially launched in summer 2013.

    After the Tiger Woods' animation broke through to the meantream media and getting world recongnition, Next Media Animation is expanding it's territory to Japan.
    Representatives from all Japanese media outlets are here to attend the press conferance.\
    Together, CEO Cassian and Okamoto-san start the grand launch of nxTOMO
    The four brands under nxTOMO: 「TomoNews」,「TOMOTOON!」,「TOMOANIME」,和「TOMOGAMES」, are introduced to the world.
    One of the best selling point that sets nxTOMO's different from your ordinary media outlet, is its ability to produce a 120 seconds animation in 90 minutes.
    Interactive "touch and try booth" were also at the scene for the attendance to further understand our products.
    Our animations are ready. Audience of Japan, are you ready for this new form of news delivery? (sensation?)