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    You won't want to miss this-- Psy hilariously does his best Beyoncé impression! What's up guys? You're watching ClevverMusic, with your daily music news. Over the weekend Korean rapper Psy, known for his song "Gangnam Style" debuted a new song "Gentleman" and performed it live at his "happening" concert in Seoul's World Cup stadium. Psy also treated fans to a cover dance of Beyoncé's hit song "Single Ladies" and naturally the crowd went wild! The best part is that he copied her red leotard onsie with his own version of the outfit. Happily, Psy performed all the moves from the now classic "Single Ladies" music video! While he dance, on the screen behind him played the actual "Single Ladies" video with Psy' face over Queen Beyoncé's!

    We wonder what Beyoncé would say about this? K-Pop star Psy is known not only for his catchy tunes but his signature dance moves. The horse-like dance from "Gangnam Style" garnered so many parodies and imitations we can't keep track. He's now debuted a new dance the "arrogant dance" for his new "Gentleman" song which we think will be another dance imitated by many. If nothing else, the 35-year-old superstar proves dance is universal and can unite us all. But is Psy trying to draw a comparison here of himself and Beyoncé? Do you think Psy's global appeal is that of Beyonce's? Tell us how you feel! And check us out on Twitter @ClevverMusic for more music updates. Thanks for watching guys, I'm Misty Kingma in Hollywood see you very soon.