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    Reycralibur, episode 8 [Smash Bros Machinima]


    by KidKira

    "The Confrontation"
    A "Battalion" of Mon Gunza soldiers are invading Terra and General Gorous intends to make sure our heroes don't interfere.

    So begins "season two" of Reycralibur, and what a weak beginning it is. I originally intended to show some scenes with Kay,Rex and Samual, but I ran out of time. Not production time, episode time. In terms of production time, I don't know what it is with me and the fall season that prevents me from working on stuff. Sure, I was lazy, but dear lord. EIGHT MONTHS!??!
    Whatever, episode 1-7 could be scrunched up into a movie, so yeah, that's "season one" and this is "season two." Did I mention that I didn't finish writing the final six episodes? ...Have a nice day! XD

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