DE LA ROMANCE 'As we Feel' Official video

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Directed by Laurent Pratlong
© Addictive-image

What can we say about De la Romance ?
It is poetry, poetry offered to all.
Within it, we discover the dazzling of the ordinary, fragments of life, always mixed up.
It is a deprivation, an overflow, a quest, the quest to the purest horizon.

17 commentaires

amazing sound, very relaxing
Par Adrian Teicu l'année dernière
A very nice music, nice rhythm, beautiful instrumentation, I like that
Par Iuliu Jerry l'année dernière
Really awesome one.. Very good music
Par Rajesh Naidu l'année dernière
What an artistic little masterpiece
Par Danny Bichou l'année dernière
This is like a breath of fresh air .. What an amazing creation it is. I keep on watching this video back to back . Love it ! Its so much soothing . AWESOME !!!!
Par Ruchi Sinha l'année dernière
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