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    Shiva Chants - Anbe Sivam Enbom - Rajkumar Bharathi


    by MusicAndChants

    Anbe Sivam does not say, God is Love if you are detached, or God is Love if you are the watcher, or any other modifying factor. Like all else on the spiritual path, Love is a ladder of intelligent vibration you climb one step at a time. All these steps begin from where you are, in a physical body with physical responses
    Anbe Sivam - This is the magnetic force behind and beyond all creation. Through connection to the teacher's expanded realization of this state, the devoted Chela's own vibration is moved in that same direction. This could be compared to a tuning fork that is set to vibrating. If you put another tuning for in proximity to the one vibrating, the second will vibrate in like fashion. In a student's case, this happens through devotion and meditation given by the teacher. Among other qualities, this creates a new spiritual family that is founded on God's Love...Anbe Sivam. As the devotee goes deeper and deeper, great levels of bliss begin to fill them. This automatically turns one more and more inward where one is absorbed in the Samadhi of Love. This is the great secret of the statement, God is Love, and why Thirumoolarji compares it to being Love-possessed. In verse 284 of the Thirumandiram, He says, "Like the sweet love in sex-act experienced, so in the Great Love, let yourself to Him succumb; Thus in Love sublimed, all your senses stilled, Bounding in Bliss Supreme, that this becomes." This state of "being in love" that is so much like that of falling in love with a potential mate is the key to the realms of the highest states of bliss; where you feel "cooked" and you melt in surrender to the sweet ecstasy of Love. For it is inside this Love, that one finds Siva...for this is His nature. When one resides in this Love, then and only then is one set free.
    This is rendered by Sri. Rajkumar Bharathi