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    Talk Show Host Lands Guinness World Record for 62-Hour Long Broadcast

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A talk show host lands a Guinness Record for a 62-hour long broadcast.

    Talk show hosts have the gift of gab hands down.

    However one Nepalese televised journalist took it ever further, hosting a more than 60-hour long television show on the topic titled “Lord Buddha Was Born in Nepal.”

    He hoped to land a Guinness World Record for the longest talk show. In total, the broadcast ran for an astounding 62 hours. The 36-year-old host beat out the previous record which was a 52 hour long broadcast, conducted by a Ukrainian team.

    During the show, the Nepalese man interviewed fellow journalists, politicians and celebrities on the theme. He also conducted phone interviews, gaining viewers insight on Buddha.

    His sole purpose for the record breaking event was to promote Nepal across the globe. He was only allowed one five-minute break for every hour he was on the air. He even ate his meals on camera. After the two-and-a-half day long ordeal, the tired host had begun growing stubble on his unshaven face.

    When he’s not filming in Nepal, the record-breaking host spends his time in Baltimore, which is where he also manages a Subway shop.