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Psy isn't being shy about his new signature dance moves, introducing the "arrogant dance"! Hey guys we're here with some new music video news on ClevverMusic. Korean rapper known mostly for "Gangnam Style" has released a brand new follow up song called "Gentleman". The song garnered 22 million views in its first 24 hours, so needless to say it's already a hit. As Psy promised we've gotten new signature dance moves to accompany the song, seen in his official music video and seen at Psy's concert in South Korea over the weekend where he debuted the performance live.

The "arrogant dance" as Psy called it appears to be a little simpler than the crazy horse dance we all learned from "Gangnam Style". And it's a little sexier. The moves begin with swaying your hips back and forth, then putting one hand on your chin, still swaying those hips back and forth. Eventually, the moves shift to a side-to-side shuffle flapping the hands back and forth. It seems to be four counts in each direction but only two flaps of the hands each way.

We like the dance, it's fun, a little goofy, and little sexy. But the real question is where did these moves come from? The dance actually borrows from the Brown Eye Girls' "Cocky dance" seen in their famous song "Abracadabra". The Brown Eyed Girls are a Korean girl band, and one of the members actually plays Psy's love interest in his "Gentleman" video. The dance was a planned collaboration between the two. Psy said during his concert, "I wish that the original owners of those dances will get the spotlight overseas. I would also like to interpret our songs and show it to the world." So Psy is a man with a plan, to showcase Korean dance trends and music. Have you secretly wanted to try the new dance? What do you think of it? Tell us! We wanna hear from you. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, thanks so much for watching you guys. I'm Misty Kingma see you next time.