Die Rise Achievements! Easter Egg, NEW Wunder Weapon + Die Rise Dragon!!

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NEW! Black Ops 2 Zombies "Die Rise" Easter Egg Achievement! ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THIS OR WHAT?! Leave comments, what do you think they all mean?

NEW "Die Rise" Zombie Map DLC BO2


Nuketown Storyline with Richtofen, Samantha, Maxis and Moon Easter Egg!

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Die Rise Achievements! Easter Egg, NEW Wunder Weapon + Die Rise Dragon!!
Die Rise Achievements! Easter Egg, NEW Wunder Weapon + Die Rise Dragon!!
Die Rise Achievements! Easter Egg, NEW Wunder Weapon + Die Rise Dragon!!

● Maxis'sTranzit "Tower of Babble" Easter Egg: http://youtu.be/nkONrLB8IaI
● ANOTHER TRANZIT BUS?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02BevrBn2ww
● Tranzit Easter Egg - Permanent Perks! http://youtu.be/i8zizrVJBW0
● "TranZit Pack-A-Punch" Location/Unlock: http://youtu.be/4IpXmp0U7xc
● TranZit "Wunder Weapon" (How to Build): http://youtu.be/sesQvIAIVWs
● "Survival" Strategies, Tips & Tricks: http://youtu.be/OWn04pjL77c
● "Best Zombie Weapon" RPD Pack-A-Punched: http://tinyurl.com/ckf28so
● Tranzit "Easter Egg Song" (How-To Activate): http://youtu.be/HK6S4HBP8ZY
● BO2 ZOMBIES: "TOMBSTONE" New Perk!: http://youtu.be/YU6feXjnjCo
● BO2 ZOMBIES: Tranzit "POWER" Location: http://youtu.be/pwRIH6vJGdY
● BO2 Zombies: Best "Tranzit" Solo Strategy: http://youtu.be/TLw-EE-MHFU
● Richtofen's Tranzit "Tower of Babble" Easter Egg: http://tinyurl.com/aebqx5b
● BO2 "ZOMBIES" Easter Egg! - NACHT DER UNTOTEN: http://youtu.be/d9_yGu4NuM0
● TRANZIT ROUND 40 GAMEPLAY: http://youtu.be/uyu_m_VCRMA
● Galvaknuckles Location and Info!: http://youtu.be/sb5XnwUk7Is
● PERKS WITHOUT POWER ON!: http://youtu.be/DD_-22vzAbw
● How to share points with teammates on Tranzit: http://youtu.be/3JIj5DN0TsI
● Black Ops 2 Zombies Ranking System: http://youtu.be/XTalMMBt27g
● Black Ops 2 Zombies - How to Teleport: http://youtu.be/-Oj-D5EevwI
● Nuketown Zombies Easter Egg: http://youtu.be/0WKEuBOQhRA
● Nuketown Zombies Perk Locations Spawn: http://youtu.be/5kbWeIi-9uI
● EASTER EGG - HIDDEN HORSE!: http://youtu.be/gaBthwC27rI

All Character Quotes! - Tranzit
● Richtofen: http://youtu.be/QWuwqj0lTjk
● Maxis (Part 1): http://youtu.be/_uBfSJMz_I4

Perk Locations - Tranzit
● JUGGERNOG Location: http://youtu.be/Wg_tdIcxWFo
● SPEED COLA Location: http://youtu.be/w1m1eb3vg7g
● STAMIN-UP Location: http://youtu.be/SCYaWL6KO0I
● DOUBLE TAP 2 Location: http://youtu.be/efDG1S7f0Zk