Die Rise Easter Egg - Golden Plates on Floor - High Maintenance STEP 3 - Richtofen

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STEP 2 ★ http://youtu.be/-jFaZ84-9mA
STEP 3 ★ http://youtu.be/zIQaybCNOAo
STEP 4 ★ http://youtu.be/ilZUkUfgUwU
STEP 5 ★ http://youtu.be/MXSQVPKkiO8
STEP 6 + ACHIEVEMENT! ★ http://youtu.be/FW1tSUYAc3Y

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Die Rise Easter Egg - Golden Plates on Floor - STEP 3 - Richtofen
Die Rise Easter Egg - Golden Plates on Floor - STEP 3 - Richtofen
Die Rise Easter Egg - Golden Plates on Floor - STEP 3 - Richtofen