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    Hannibal's First Victory (Proof 1 -- Bourdelle)


    par lisafalour

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    The permanent collections in the former residence and atelier of Emile-Antoine Bourdelle in Paris, France are in a museum run by the Ville de Paris, so are free. There may be admission charged for any temporary shows. Photos and videos are permitted in all the free areas.

    In addition to the plaster casts and molding and pouring processes, proofs or trial runs are made by sculptors and other artists and artisans.

    Bourdelle is known for pen and ink work and prints, paintings, poetry and writings, and sculpture. He is associated with Rodin and ran classes. Some of his furnishings, tools, and collection are shown here. The buildings are extensive and many of the works are enormous.

    18, rue Antoine-Bourdelle 75 015 Paris (France)
    Not far from Montparnasse station and tower.

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