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    Motivational 3/112 Day Body Transformation ConikiTV

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    by ConikiTV Coniki-tv

    DAY 3 of our transformation is LEGS and ABS Workout 1. Burn baby burn ! Well this is the first thing that comes to mind after having done this workout however it’s all worth it as the FAT is DRIPPING off. An intense desire to succeed, excellent workouts, proper nutrition, all supported by early morning and early evening cardio sessions equal REAL RESULTS in between 60 -75 minutes per day. We have included photos of every meal we eat, show footage of the intensity in the workout for both Con & Niki, as well as touch on what it takes mentally to achieve what we have set out to do.

    Watch our Shocking Body Transformation over the next 112 days as we cover EXACTLY what we EAT, the WORKOUTS we do, and the MIND SET necessary to totally transform yourself into the best shape ever.

    No gimmicks, tricks, drugs, or photoshop here. This is the real deal so LIKE this video and SHARE it with all your friends and help us make this DREAM a reality so it can be an INSPIRATION to millions of people around the planet.

    Please post your questions HERE relevant to MEALS, WORKOUT SETS, REPS, WEIGHT, etc and we’ll do our best to answer.

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    5am 20 minute INTERVAL Cardio Workout
    3pm Biceps Triceps Shoulder Workout
    4pm 20 minute INTERVAL Cardio Workout

    Leg Extentions s/s Leg Curls
    15, 8, 6, 20 reps (no rest)

    Horizontal Leg Press s/s Gravitron Knee Tuck ABS x 15
    15,8,6,20 reps (no rest)Distributed by