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    3 Dinner Mistakes That Lead to Weight Gain

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    Check out these dinner mistakes that can lead to weight gain.

    Dinners are usually longer and more elaborate when compared to other meals. Here are 3 dinner mistakes that can cause the pounds to pack on according to

    Number 3 - Making dinner the largest meal is a major no-no. The director of Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, Dr. Cheskin points out that it doesn’t make sense to have a giant dinner at night, as the extra calories from a large meal would be needed more during the start of a new day. The USDA claims that dinners should be between 450 and 625 calories.

    Number 2 – Placing all of your dishes on the table in a self-serve, all you can eat style buffet dinner isn’t the best choice. That simple act makes it very easy to overeat. Nutrition experts recommend portioning meals on the stove or counter and waiting about 10 minutes before getting up and going back for second helpings.

    Number 1 – Does your dinner consist of multitasking; both eating and watching TV? If so, you could be setting yourself up for weight gain. The mindless activity of getting absorbed in the tube can lead to subconsciously overeating when you’re full. Even snacking while watching TV should be avoided.