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    Rare Islamic Coins Slated for Auction Block

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    by Geo Beats

    Rare and early Islamic coins are slated for the auction block.

    Rare coins often grab spotlight at high-end auctions.

    London based auctioneers, Morton & Eden are gearing up to sell three of the earliest Islamic coins, which were created only mere decades following the death of the Prophet Muhammad.

    Together, the coins are expected to sell for over $500,000 at the auction which is slated to take place on April 22nd. Two of the pieces contain portraits of Christian Byzantine emperors who ruled in the early 7th century AD. Close inspection reveals that other Christian symbols have been removed, making these coins amongst the earliest ones made by Muslims using modified dies.

    It is believed the transitional coins were only issued in limited quantities. Stephen Lloyd of Morton & Eden states “they are definitely among the very first gold coins the Muslims ever made.”

    Last year, the co-chairman of the Texas Rangers, Bob Simpson purchased a 1943-S Bronze Lincoln Cent for $1 million. The penny is one out of four San Francisco Mint Lincoln pennies that were accidentally made of bronze rather than the 1943 standard material of zinc-coated steel.