Certain Noises During Sleep Can Boost Memory

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Certain noises during sleep can boost memory.

Need to learn a language or memorize the entire history of western civilization this week? Consider sleeping your way to success.

Sleep has been proven to aid the brain’s ability to sift and catalog information, but scientists believe they have found a way to turbo charge the process.

It comes down to listening to clicking noises while you slumber. The catch is it’s not just any clicking, it’s a sequence of sounds assembled to match the brain’s natural oscillations.

Jan Born, co-author of the study, said, “Imagine the sleeping brain as a swing which oscillates slowly back and forth. The auditory stimulation acts as a gentle nudge of the swing at its highest point to enhance the down swinging direction.”

Study participants who listened to the clicks while they slept almost doubled their improvement in remembering word pairs than when they didn’t.

At this time the personalization process is pretty intense, requiring add-on apparatus like EEG machines.

In the meantime get plenty of Z’s. Studies show a well-rested mind is better able to take in information as well as retain it.