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    What's More Important - Internet or Water?

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    by Geo Beats

    What's more important - internet or water?

    Technologies that underpin web infrastructure are only about 25 years old and yet the internet has fundamentally transformed how people around the world interact with others and access information.

    According to a survey of 1000 commuters in London, a higher number of people said they would feel more stress if they couldn’t get internet at their house than if they didn’t have water.
    38 percent said internet access is the most important priority, while only 32 percent thought having water was more important.

    8 percent of people said that having a television was their biggest concern, and 18 percent said they needed heating more than other amenities.

    A survey taken a year before showed that 17 percent of people couldn’t live without the internet.

    Only 4 percent of people surveyed responded that they didn’t require the internet where they live.

    Those surveyed also said that losing the internet connection is more stressful to them than being late to work.

    How important is internet to you? What would you be willing to give up for online access?