Snow Covered Cherry Blossom Spectacle in Japan

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Snow covered cherry blossoms are spotted in Japan.

Cherry blossom trees are undoubtedly beautiful. They mark the passing of winter and arrival spring.

Residents of Japan, however, got a rare sight when those signature pink trees were coated with a dusting of pure white, delicate snow.

Several locals took snapshots of the glorious vision which captured the beauty of two opposing seasons combined.

In April, the cherry blossoms come back to life on the previously winter barren tree branches, serving as a signature sign of Spring.

Well, just as the pink blooms awed onlookers, a sudden cold front recently produced a little dusting of snow on top of the blossoms and on the ground. The end result was a breathtaking landscape.

The visual appeal of the cheery blossoms is not just limited to Japan. In 1912, Japan gave 3000 trees to the United States as a gesture of friendship and that started the cherry blossom culture in Washington, DC.

Roughly 1.5 million people visit the city each year to watch them bloom and to take part in the associated activities at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.