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    Does Being Tall Make You More Intelligent?

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Does height correspond with more intelligence?

    Are tall people smarter than shorter people?

    While there is no direct person to person correlation between height and intelligence, one study showed that as a whole, tall people performed better on an IQ test than short people.

    Another study found that even between siblings there is connection between height and intelligence.

    But the correlation is small and it takes a very large subject group to get pertinent data.

    Height is mostly dictated by genetics, while intelligence is only about half genetic.

    Both traits are made up of many different genes that control the various possible outcomes.

    Another study said that taller men have more sexual partners than shorter men.

    But according to John Schwartz, author of Short: Walking Tall When You Are Not Tall At All, “One researcher told me, once you group people by smarts, the pay disparity between tall and short disappears.”

    There are advantages to being short though, like having to overcome obstacles in life to build character, and looking younger than you really are.

    What do you think? Are there more advantages to being taller or shorter?