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    Our hearts go out to our home town, Boston...


    by BlankTV

    Today 2 bombs ripped through the finish line at the Boston Marathon, killing at least 3 and injuring scores of people. What should have been a peaceful, family, event was turned into chaos.

    As the statistics continue to be calculated, please join us in a moment of silence for the dead and injured, as well as their families. Join us in thanking the people who put themselves in harms way to assist at the scene, as well as the emergency personnel who responded.

    May the events in Boston today serve to unite us as a people and show us that no amount of badges, soldiers, guns, or laws can protect a free society from evil people intent on doing harm.

    It is up to us as a people to put to work our courage, our resolve, and our unity as families, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, towns, cities, states, and as a nation, to put aside our petty differences and protect our true freedoms from those who would take them away.

    Be strong, America. Stay strong, Boston.