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    Willie Creager & His Orchestra - Would You Be Blue?


    par kspm0220s

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    Almost nothing is known about this bandleader and composer (several songs were (co-)written by him, including the one being presented in this video). Willie Creager also was one of the many pseudonyms used by Adrian Schubert, extremely prolific musical director and bandleader. However, if one considers a "bandleader" to be the captain at the helm of a somewhat regular group of individuals working together, Schubert was no bandleader at all. Every record he made came out under another band name; many of the same individual players were hired for some of these sessions as well. It is almost impossible to know who really was behind the credits. The recording was made in 1929. Lovely vocal by Jerry White (this equally mysterious vocalist is sometimes referred to as a pseudonym of Frank Munn; although impossible to confirm those credits, it is a matter of fact, both voices are quite similar). To make confusion complete, finally, it should be noted that several of the pseudonyms were used for different bands - not just Schubert's (in itself not very stable) orchestra. The sheet music shows a photograph of Willie Creager, though. I could fortunately obtain confirmation of this fact, thanks to highly valuable photos courtesy of Mr. Creager's family members, which I could use in another, more recent Creager video.