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    Rod Stewart - Maggie May

    The Madgypsy

    by The Madgypsy

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    Yeah, they're lip-synching, pianogoddess, but they weren't cheating: this was on the BBC in the 70s. Nobody performed live - EVER! It wasn't permitted. The censors wouldn't allow it in case of indecency. The Beeb was a branch of HM government, and they didn't have time delays back then. You mimed, or you didn't appear.
    By agent2685 years ago
    y' a pas meilleur que ça ! vive les Faces !
    By tobali6 years ago
    Susie V Kaufman
    Does anyone have more information on when this was done? Besides Ron and Rod, who are the other musicians in this particular video, please?

    Bloody shame they couldn't have performed this LIVE for the show.
    By Susie V Kaufman6 years ago
    @ 3:27 Ron Wood is "playing" the solo without his hands on the guitar...he does the same right near the end. They're all just lip synching/playing at playing. Bunch of cheaters.
    By pianogoddes6 years ago
    Sebastián Blanco Ramos
    Rod Stewart et les Faces, derrière Ron Wood s'amuse avec Ronnie Lane, chanson mythique le grain de Rod fait la différence partout où il passe dommage qu'il achanté un quantité de merde, à voir que Ronnie Wood a dù faire un pacte avec le diable, on dirait qu'il n'a quasiment pas changé, aurait-il rencontré Satan comme Robert Johnson, sauf qu'il aurait juste demandé la jeunesse éternelle, il s'est quand même fait avoir le con.
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