IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - 'Don't tell us again you dislike the rich'

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French papers this Monday focus on ministerial disclosure of their personal finances. President François Hollande has demanded transparency from his team in the aftermath of the Cahzuac scandal. Jérôme Cahuzac is the former Budget Minister charged with cracking down on tax evasion who spent weeks denying he had a Swiss bank account only to confess and outrage public opinion.

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Some articles from today’s international press review:

LE PARISIEN-AUJOURD'HUI-EN-FRANCE: "Will disclosure of personal finances from ministers affect the way you vote?

LE FIGARO: The Speaker of the French National Assembly, a Socialist, says he fears disclosure will not be the answer to tax evasion

The editorial in LES ECHOS argues transparency is good but the Socialist government should also apply that to being more explicit about the deep problems in the economy

And Libération is calling for the Socialist government - in an editorial entitled 'Truth' - to be acknowledge failures including about the decline of heavy industry in France. It focuses on the closure of two blast furnaces at the Florange steel plant in the east of the country.

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