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    Opening to The Jungle Book 1997 VHS

    Aubrey Scott

    by Aubrey Scott

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    Benjamin Soto Pegorari
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    Benjamin Soto Pegorari
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    Carlos Soto Muro
    Opening To The Jungle Book 1997 VHS Print Date September 2nd 1997
    1. Late 1991 Green FBI Warning screens
    2. Walt Disney Company intro
    3. "The Little Mermaid" re-release trailer
    4. "Flubber" trailer
    5. "Beauty and the Beast: the Enchanted Christmas" preview
    6. "Peter Pan" preview
    7. "Hercules" preview
    8. "The Toys Who Saved Christmas" preview
    9. "George of the Jungle" preview
    10. "Wonderful World of Disney" promo
    11. "Stay Tuned After the Feature"
    12. "Feature Presentation"
    13. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo
    14. THX logo
    15. Walt Disney Pictures logo
    16. Opening Credits
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    By VHSKINGMAN992 years ago