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    'Time Machine' Invented By Iranian Scientist

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A 'time machine' is invented by an Iranian scientist.

    A Tehran scientist has registered his time travel apparatus with Iran's Centre for Strategic Inventions.

    No mulligans allowed, though. The device only looks ahead, and it’s not a passenger friendly vehicle.

    The personal computer sized machine responds to a user’s touch and through the complex workings of algorithms predicts the next 8 or so years of his or her life. The inventor boasts that his electronic seer is 98 percent accurate.

    He sees it as being particularly helpful to governments as they will be able to anticipate any forces trying to bring them down.

    Previously the exclusive domain of fiction writers for page and screen, time travel has been earning scientific actuality as of late.

    MIT quantum physicists announced almost two years ago that they had developed a working theory for reaching backwards into time.

    Many other sci-fi fantasies from the past have come true.

    Arthur C. Clarke, creator of the 2001: A Space Odyssey story, first imagined the satellite.

    Flying cars have not only been produced, with minor adjustments they can fit into a regular garage.

    And, really, let’s face it...cell phones are so old school Star Trek.