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    Why Do We Sigh

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Learn why we sigh.

    People, like computers, have a reset command. It’s called letting out a sigh.

    A group of Oslo researchers discovered some pretty fascinating things about the act when they studied subjects through questioning and observation.

    The curiosities they tackled included what prompts sighing, if it’s a form of communication, and how we feel when we hear it as opposed to initiating it.

    The surveys said that people let out a wheezy exhale when they are experiencing negative moods. As people do it just as often when they’re alone as they do in public, communication was ruled out.

    When comparing themselves to others, most observed sadness but reported personal feelings of frustration.

    Frustration emerged the victor again when the scientists gave the subjects complex puzzles to solve. They found people generally sighed when they took a break from the task or stopped trying altogether.

    A separate study at the University of Leuven showed sighing is a sort of reset, both physically and mentally.

    Do you sigh? Why do you think you do that?